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Why you should Book with us?

Why you should Book with us?
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Cabo San Lucas Transportation SERVICES

Cabo San Lucas Private Transportation

Standard Private Transportation Service from/to Los Cabos Airport

Max 7 Passengers

Max 7 Suitcases

Starting from

$90 USD

75.00 USD

Cabo San Lucas Luxury Transportation

Luxury transportation service from/to Los Cabos Airport

Max 5 Passengers

Max 5 Suitcases

Starting from

$105.6 USD

88.00 USD

Cabo San Lucas Group Transportation

Exclusive transportation service up to 15 pax from/to Los Cabos Airport

Max 15 Passengers

Max 14 Suitcases

Starting from

$144 USD

120.00 USD


Everything you need to know about Cabo Airport Shuttle

You've probably heard about Cabo San Lucas on more than one occasion, or seen some pictures on Instagram of its stunning beaches and all the water activities you can find there. Perhaps you've fallen in love with its scenery and nightlife, and are planning to travel to Cabo San Lucas in the future (near or far) to experience it for yourself.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will find hundreds of activities and attractions in this paradise! It is located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, just over a thousand miles from the border with the United States.

Some highlights in activities are the zip line, the camel ride, taking a tour to see the whale shark in all its splendor, taking a ride on a yacht, or even spending the day in one of its spas, or playing golf in one of the clubs, such as El Dorado Golf Beach.

Once you have decided on your travel itinerary, accommodations, and all your activities in Cabo San Lucas, comes the part that can be the hardest to decide because of the magnitude of options available: Cabo Airport Shuttle from one point to another, the time it would take to get there, reliable service, and the best option according to your specific needs.

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Cabo Airport Shuttle

What should you consider before choosing any type of transportation in Cabo San Lucas?

Some of the things to consider before choosing your method of transportation are:

  • Available budget.
  • Agenda of activities.
  • Availability of service.
  • Proximity to your location/accommodation
  • Reputation of the company providing the service.
  • Passengers allowed according to the method of transport.
  • Certification in safety and hygiene measures.

Now that you know this information, here are some options and frequently asked questions about the methods of transportation in Cabo San Lucas, the solution is Transfers DV, where you can book a comfortable Cabo Airport Shuttle.

Can I use public transportation in Los Cabos?

Of course you can! In Los Cabos there are several bus lines with departures approximately every fifteen minutes on schedules from 5:30 in the morning to 10:00 at night, then on that schedule you will have to wait at the terminal.

Is it expensive to use public transportation?

No, public transportation is an excellent option if you are looking to save on transportation when traveling to Los Cabos, and you will get to see much more of the city of your choice between one stop and another, it is uncomfortable if you travel with a lot of luggage.

Is public transportation in Los Cabos fast?

Since it is a public service, buses normally make frequent stops between destinations in order to meet the needs of all their users, so it is recommended to take this into account when choosing schedules and routes.

Where can I take a cab in Cabo San Lucas?

You can find cabs all over the city, or even at cab sites, such as the airport.

What are the cabs like in Los Cabos?

Most of the cabs in Los Cabos are wagons, in order to transport small groups, it is recommended to reserve your Cabo San Lucas cab in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

How many people can travel in a cab in Cabo San Lucas?

Generally, there is a standard fare for four passengers, and they can transport up to 10 people per vehicle. However, each cab company is different, and may vary in their policies and prices per passenger.

Is Uber available in Los Cabos?

Some drivers use Uber. However, it is illegal in Los Cabos at present, because authorities cannot regulate protocol hygiene measures.

Is it advisable to use Uber even if it is illegal?

We would not recommend it, as Uber drivers are not authorized to pick up passengers, especially at airports.

Is it safe to travel in Uber in Cabo San Lucas?

Local cab unions oppose the entry of digital transportation platforms such as Uber and Lyft, so many Uber drivers face assault or damage to their vehicles.

Can I hire private transportation in Los Cabos?

Of course you can! There are many companies dedicated to private transportation in Cabo San Lucas, so you will have many options available to choose from, however there are few that offer what Transfers DV does.

Where can I find private transportation in Cabo San Lucas?

The best option is to book with Transfers DV, to make a decision about the transportation of your preference, you can check the reviews of these companies on Tripadvisor or Trustpilot.

Can I choose a personalized tour when hiring private transportation?

Definitely! When contracting your transportation with us you can indicate your travel itinerary and request more information about their rates and all the services they can offer.

What are the most interesting destinations to visit in the Mexican Caribbean?

In Transfers DV, we want you to enjoy the best vacation, so we recommend some other destinations to visit in the Mexican Caribbean.

One of the advantages of knowing the Mexican Caribbean is that tourist destinations are not so far from each other. Hire the Cancun to Tulum shuttle and find the beauty of ecotourism and visit the archaeological sites in the area

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Tell us about your itinerary and travel with the best quality and the best price with Transfers DV to the best destinations.

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